Name: Marcus Coppock Where were you born: Ballarat Occupation: Tenancy Manager Family: 5 children, 6 grand children Favourite Sporting Teams: Australian Teams Pursuit Team (Olymics) Favourite Athletes: Daley Thompson – decathlete Favourite Movies: Blues Brothers Favourite Music: Country & Western Favourite Food: Lamb Roast Childhood Ambition: Policeman Hobbies: gardening, cycling, music (piano accordian) History: How long have you been riding? 55 years When did you start racing? With GSCC in 1993 What other sports have you been involved in? Football, Basketball, Athletics, Triathlon, Cross Country Age Group and Handicap mark – 60-64, Middle Marker Goals: Why did you join the club? Introduced by Alf Ewins after knee operation Do you have any goals to achieve? No Your greatest racing achievement? Maryborough 2000. Overall rider for the weekend won Road Race age group Riding experiences: Best? Racing down Grays road with a tail wind @50+kph Worst? Breaking chain in a race at 40kph from finish line What’s your favourite training or social ride ? With my son Xavier and daughter Naomi How often do you ride? Most days Equipment: Race Bike: Trek Training Bike: Trek Other Bikes: Cervelo TT Bike Dream Bike : None really