Marshalling Process for Wednesday’s Racing

To ensure that there are sufficient Marshals to safely hold races please follow the below  process. It is anticipated that everyone could be expected to do a maximum of two duties over the year.

  1. A reminder email will be issued by the co-ordinator Ross West to all rostered members prior to the Wednesday of the week before they are due to marshal.
  2. If you are not available for your rostered date, a swap is to be arranged with another GSCC member currently on the roster.
  3. Once you have arranged your swap with a fellow member send an email – to Ross for confirmation.
  4. This email should contain the following information –
    • Your Name
    • Your Rostered Date
    • Name of person you are swapping with
    • The Date you are swapping

Marshalling Calendar

11th Jan Dennis Sonogan [F/A/], Peter Ladd, Robert Young, Neil Wilson  
18th Jan Terry Collie, Gordon Spargo {F/A}, Laurie Fitzsimons, Tony Spark  
25th Jan John Faulkner  [F/A], David Pike, Spiros Digenis, Paul Bubb  
1st Feb Ross West  {F/A}, Mal Cole, Geoff Smith, Kent Fuller  
8th Feb David Robinson, John Bell {F/A}, Cecila Digenis, Barry Primmer  
15th Feb David Phillips {F/A}, Kim Clarke, Mandy Hosking, Mark Cummings  
22nd Feb John Watson, Rodger Cronk {F/A}, Murray Riggs, Lew Targett  
1st Mar Ian Sumner {F/A}, Alan Pescott,  Jeremy Tatchell, Peter McWaters  
8th Mar Brian Long, Tina Stenos, Chris Colley {F/A}, Andrew Kennon  
15th Mar Richard Buckwell {F/A}, Dale Jennings, Mel White, Don Stuart
22nd Mar Ken Mansfield, Terry Robinson {F/A}, Bob Osburn, Ray Clifford  
29th Mar Dennis Sonogan, Carl Judd {F/A}, Paul Bubb, Peter Ladd  
5th Apr Ross West {F/A}, Geoff Smith Phil Cox, Sue Theodore  
12th Apr David Robinson {F/A}, Phil Tehan, John Hayden, Robert Young  
19th Apr David Phillips, Gordon Spargo{F/A}, Laurie Fitzsimons, Tony Spark  
26th Apr John Watson, Mal Cole {F/A}, Neil Wilson, David Pike  
3rd May Ian Sumner {F/A}, Spiros Digenis, Paul Bubb, Kent Fuller  
10th May Brian Long, John Bell {F/A}, Cecilia Digenis, Barry Primmer  
17th May Richard Buckwell {F/A}, Kim Clarke, Mandy Hosking, Mark Cummings  
24th May Ken Mansfield, Rodger Cronk {F/A}, Murray Riggs, Lew targett
31st  May Dennis Sonogan, Chris Colley {F/A}, Alan Pescott, Peter McWaters  
7th Jun Terry Collie, Dale Jennings {F/A}, Jeremy Tatchell, Tina Stenos  
14th Jun John Faulkner {F/A}, Don Stuart, Bob Osburn, Andrew Kennon  
21th Jun Ross West, Terry Robinson {F/A}, Peter Ladd, David Jessup  
28th Jun David Robinson, Carl Judd {F/A}, Peter King, Simon Brown  
5th Jul David Phillips {F/A}, Kel Arnott, Geoff Smith, Phil Cox  
12th Jul Richard Buckwell {F/A}, Tony Revell, Phil Tehan, Tony Spark  
19th Jul Ian Sumner {F/A}, David Pike, Kent Fuller, Terry Robinson  
26th Jul Ken Mansfield, Laurie Fitzsimons {F/A}, Simon Brown, Paul Bubb
2nd Aug Dennis Sonogan, Mal Cole{F/A}, Spiros Digenis, Cecilia Digenis
9th Aug Terry Collie, Mark Cummings, Kim Clarke {F/A}, Mandy Hosking
16th Aug John Faulkner {F/A}, Robert Young, Gordon Spargo, Bob Osburn
23rd Aug John Watson {F/A}, Barry Primmer, Lew Targett, Chris Colley
30th Aug Ross West {F/A}, Rodger Cronk, Alan Pescott, Tina Stenos
6th Sep Dale Jennings {F/A}, Don Stuart, John Hayden, Peter Ladd
13th Sep Richard Buckwell {F/A}, David Lambourn, David Jessup, Ray Clifford
20th Sep Ian Sumner {F/A}, Peter King, Andrew Kennon, Geoff Smith
27th Sep Dennis Sonogan, Carl Judd {F/A}, Kel Arnott, Peter McWaters
4th Oct Terry Robinson {F/A}, Murray Riggs, Tony Spark, Tony Revell
11th Oct Richard Buckwell {F/A}, Simon Brown, Paul Bubb, Phil Tehan
18th Oct ??????, Laurie Fitzsimons {F/A}, Kent Fuller, Mal Cole