1.1 The purpose of the Code of Conduct (Code) is to describe the type of behaviour and spirit in which Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club (GSCC) is seeking to promote and encourage it’s members & supporters to adhere to.

1.2 The Code is designed to promote the safety & wellbeing of all participants who take part in Club events.

1.3 The Code reflects GSCC’s Vision and operates in conjunction with Australian Veterans Cycling Council (AVCC) & Veterans Cycling Victoria (VCV) Racing Rules & Regulations and Victorian Road Rules.


2.1 Wilful disregard of the Code may attract immediate disqualification, suspension, withdrawal of GSCC membership, fines or any combination of these consequences, as outlined under VCV Rule 9 – Penalties and as more generally contained in AVCC/VCV Racing Rules & Regulations.

2.2 Sanctions will be applied by the Race Day Referee and in some instances may be referred to the GSCC Committee to determine appropriate action.


3.1 The Code shall govern the conduct of all GSCC Members, Officials, potential members and visitors to Club events.

3.2 GSCC wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. Respect is defined as consideration for another’s physical and emotional wellbeing and possessions, to ensure no damage or deprivation is caused to either.

3.3 GSCC wishes to operate in an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group that creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

3.4 GSCC wishes to operate in a non-discriminatory environment. Respect the right, dignity and worth of every human being – and within this context, treat everyone equally regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religion.


4.1 Act in a manner that supports a high standard of safety within a competitive, but friendly environment during all GSCC events.

4.2 Act in a manner that is compatible with the interests of GSCC, including the spirit of friendly competition and sportsmanship.

4.3 Members are not to race if under the influence of alcohol, or drugs that are not medically prescribed or available over the counter.

4.4 Members should be aware that the taking of performance enhancing substances, as listed by ASADA on their web pages, is forbidden under AVCC policy.

4.5 Members are not to race in an overtly aggressive, erratic or unpredictable manner, or use abusive language towards other members or the public. When racing in bunches, members must not obstruct faster groups, who in turn must communicate their intentions to pass when safe to do so.

4.6 Members should at all times, act courteously to the public, observing local laws and behaving in a manner that will not cause offence or disquiet to others.

4.7 Members are expected to maintain a working knowledge of VCV Rules, Regulations & Penalties, which can be found on VCV website, veterancycling.com.au, under Rules.


5.1 Persons to whom this Code applies acknowledge and agree to comply with the Disciplinary & Grievance procedures contained in GSCC Constitution. If any disciplinary action is taken, persons directly affected shall be given the opportunity to participate in those proceedings and the right to appeal against any decision taken against them.

A copy is available to be downloaded here – Code of Conduct

July 2018