Mission Encourage competitive road cycling in the greater Geelong & Surf Coast regions, promoting healthy life styles. Core Values Connected Develop strong partnerships with:
  • Club Members
  • Local and Business communities
  • Commonwealth, State & Local Government agencies
  • The broader cycling community,
through open and transparent communication. Inclusive The club provides racing that encourages participation for all Veteran cyclists. Safety Ensure the safety of our riders by:
  • Educating riders in technical skills and all aspects of safe riding
  • Providing quality communication and signage
  • Being innovative in road cycling safety
  • Providing the best road cycling safety equipment
Integrity & Respect As a club and as individual members, we treat everyone with respect & integrity. Through our actions, we earn the respect of others. Social, engagement, fun, fitness and Health The club and its members promote a fun and positive attitude to road racing and personal health while fostering an enjoyable social atmosphere. Excellence & Competitiveness Encourages competitive road cycling in our region, in a club recognised for its strong competitive ethos.