Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club is a member of  the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC) & Veteran Cycling Victoria (VCV).

Membership with Veteran cycling is open to males over 35 years and females over 30 years of age  through their state bodies. Those who join are provided with probably the cheapest and most comprehensive insurance cover in the country with riders being covered for both racing and training (with training that encompasses both riding as an individual and as member of a formal training group). Our licence allows the member to ride with any affiliated Club in the various States.

While competition can be keen, it is also true to say that many members are attracted to the ranks because of the friendly and casual nature of competition. There is no loss of face for ‘under-performing’ and most riders see Veteran Cycling as an organization where they can enjoy healthy competition, participate in a healthy pastime and enjoy the company of people of similar interests.

The VCV has eleven member Victorian clubs with a total membership of approximately 1200, and is affiliated with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). The AVCC is the umbrella body for Veteran Cycling in Australia, and has affiliates in all Australian states and the ACT. The total membership for all Australian states is well over 3000.

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As well as racing at Geelong, the VCV will hold a variety of Open events around the state, allowing the opportunity to race against the States best.

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