Sunday, February 9

GSCC Handicap racing is back. 3rd scratch smashed it!

Thirty seven riders started with the strong south-easterly blowing again, which is always nice with four times up misery lane. It was also great to see a few new faces again.

The limit group of six off 25 minutes including two trial riders Vicki and John backing up from last weeks new rider day. This group rode very well in the windy conditions and still held more than a two minute gap with one lap two go. The third scratch group of Tony French, Craig Hannah, Michael Hazeldine, Gary Blick, Marcus Coppock and Oliver King worked very well the whole race with Oliver leading the way, scratch and the remaining second scratch riders combined at the start of the last lap with still 5 minutes to catch the leaders. It took till one kilometre to go for the leaders to get caught, with Oliver still riding very strong and finish off the sprint win easily. Showing some very good form.

1st Oliver King (6min 1:19:08 37.9km/h),
2nd Craig Hannah (6min),
3rd Michael Hazeldine (6min),
4th Tony French (6min),
5th Marcus Coppock (6min)
6th David Lambourn (8.30min)
7th Paul Beasley (25min),
8th Ian Sumner (25min),
9th Luke Grounds (2.30)
10th & FT Robbie Southern (scr 39.9km/h)

Mylaps link –

Thursday, February 13

Crit racing

A warm and windy evening brought out the best GSCC fields to Belmont with 39 entries. The big mid grade fields were great, racing was fast and furious well done to all competing. Next week is round 4 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Crit series.

Wednesday, February 12

Supervet’s Race

Its called super vets racing, only for the old and infirm or maybe just neuro challenged, anyways nine men started and nine men finished in weird rainy, misty cloudy!! conditions. Stalwart Ken Mansfield away first then Riggs, Masters and West, the eventual winning group in that order. Most riders dumped their glasses due to fogging up, couldn’t see the road, or white lines, or each other for that matter. All the other riders were on their own for two laps?. A hard day at the office, but It was fun. Walker collected fastest time. The new riders had a good intro to supervets.

1st Murray Riggs,
2nd Rob Masters,
3rd Ross West,
4th Gordon Spargo,
5th John Hayden,
6th Paul Bubb,
7th and fastest time Graeme Walker,
8th first time at Supervets Vincent Haveaux and
9th Ken Mansfield.
Well done all. Thanks, Longy and Marshalls and others.

Sunday, February 9

New Rider Day

Sixty riders attended with 14 trial riders. Windy conditions but a great day of racing and a yummy BBQ after. Thanks to all who attended and all the helpers for making it a great day. Hope to see ALL the trial riders back! It was great to see everyone racing and supporting such a great GSCC day.

We raised $530 for the bush fire appeal which will go to the Bendigo Bank bush fire relief fund

Women’s grade: 1st Irene Thompson TR, 2nd Susie Beretta, 3rd Carolyn Hall
F Grade: 1st Terry Robinson, 2nd Ross West, 3rd Ken Mansfield
E Grade 1st Jon Ratcliffe TR, 2nd Carl Judd, 3rd Bert Scolaro
D Grade: 1st Chris Cahill TR, 2nd Melissa Burgoyne, 3rd Trevor Perryman TR
C Grade: 1st Gary Blick, 2nd Wolfgang Schwartz TR, 3rd Shane Van Den Nouwland TR
B Grade: 1st Richard Buckwell, 2nd Andrew Read, 3rd Renata Bucher
A Grade: 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Andrew Goodwin

Thursday, February 6

Crit racing

Wednesday, February 5

Supervet ITT

Jessica Douglas (not yet a supervet) showed her strength on the day with a time of 34:37, Graeme Walker a real Supervet also conquered the course with 37:47. The Angelsea crew of Mark Cummings & David Jessup rounding out the top 4. Well Done to everyone who participated in the Race of Truth! We saw all types of bike today. Welcome to Liz Randall for making the trip to Geelong to join us

Thursday, January 30
Best Western Geelong Motor Inn round 3

Warmer than normal evening with the usual southerly winds and some great racing had by all.

Mid race sprints:
A Grade 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Brad Haskett, 3rd Kane Airey.
B Grade; 1st Rick Buckwell, 2nd Jessica Douglas, 3rd Jesse Cropley,
C Grade 1st Jason Childs 2nd Xavier Coppock, 3rd Michael Hazeldine.
D Grade; 1st David Rowe, 2nd Andrew Booth, 3rd Darren Richards.
E Grade Rodney Lambeth.

Final race results:
A Grade; 1st Kane Airey, 2nd Robbie Southern, 3rd Brad Haskett.
B Grade; 1st Jessica Douglas, 2nd Rick Buckwell, 3rd Craig Hannah.
C Grade; 1st Xavier Coppock, 2nd Jason Childs, 3rd Michael Hazeldine.
D Grade; 1st Andrew Booth, 2nd David Rowe, 3rd Adrian McCartney.
E Grade; 1st Rodney Lambeth.

A couple of promotions for next week with Xavier and Michael moving up to B grade. Well done guys. Thanks again to Richard and Paul Bubb for running the races.

Wednesday, January 29

Welcome back Mario!

A perfect day for racing with light NW wind had 18 riders compete in the first handicap race of the year over 37km. The field consisted of 9 groups with Dale Jennings off limit 28min and Graeme Walker off scratch by himself. With new rider, Mario Cordedda in the 12min bunch with Richard Buckwell and Terry Robinson they had a start fast and quickly gained on the groups in front by the second lap. They caught the group 2 minute in front of them with David Phillips able to hang on but the pace was too hard for Terry and the group reduced to 3 riders with all the riders doing turns when possible. With small groups behind the 12 min bunch gaining ground was hard and with Walker unable to catch the 1 min he retired from the race after two laps and when Tony Murrell was unable to hold on to David Jessup and H Duncan the backmarkers were not gaining fast enough to pick up the 12 min bunch, which continued to catch all the riders in front of them and hold a strong pace to the end with David Phillips dropping off the pace with 3km to go after doing some strong turns but still finishing in 3rd place. Richard Buckwell holding on to Mario Cordedda till the last kilometre and finishing 2nd. Mario Cordedda won the race in 1:10:20 with David Jessup finishing 5th with the fastest time of 1:03:25 and Tommy Gray from the 8 min bunch rode strong to finish 4th holding of the 1 min bunch. Thanks to all the marshals and support people that made running the race possible today it was a pleasure to race again after an 18-year break from the sport.
Mario Cordedda

Thanks Mario. Next week is a 2 lap time trial, time to get the other bike out.

Monday, January 27

Six Geelong & Surf Coast members travelled to Ballarat to investigate the circuit ahead of the State Criterium Championships on Sunday 29th March. 

Division 3 (45 min + 2 laps):
1st – Xavier Coppock (Geelong Surf Coast)
2nd – Marcus Coppock (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Tim Anderson (Northern)
Peter Livitsanis, Shaun Martin, Adrian McCartney (G), Phil McLennan, Roger McMillan, Mark O’Callaghan

Division 2 (50 min + 2 laps):
1st – Andrew Rushton (Eureka)
2nd – Craig Hannah (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Craig Lightfoot (Eureka)
Rick Buckwell (G), Ash Burke, Mick Carter, Jim Crumpler, Steve Maheras (NC), Geoff Martin, Darren Reed, Brian Ure

Division 1 (60 min + 2 laps):
1st – Jason Hendry (Eureka)
2nd – Kane Airey (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Tim Canny (Eureka)
Matt Angus, Matt Ayres, Jason Birch, Peter Gunston, Wayne Klauss, Tony Mirabella, Dayne Pearce, Jason Shipcott, Dean Wells

AVCV Nationals Adelaide January 2020

ITT. Adelaide put on Victorian weather it rain for most of the event.
5 GSCC members participated resulting in 3 Gold medals
Trent Clifford
Jessica Douglas
Tina Stenos
They also won the coveted National Championship Jersey as they scored the most points across the 3 events.

Day 2: Road Race at the AVCC Nationals.
20 GSCC members registered to race.
Here are the results, if I have missed anyone please let me know. Well done to all participants and placegetters!

Tina Stenos Silver 55-59
Jessica Douglas Gold 45-49
David Newett Gold 45-49
Trent Clifford Gold 30-34
Ash Leone Bronze 30-34

Congratulations to all GSCC members who raced the Australian Veterans Cycling National Criterium Championships today.
Brian Long, Graeme Walker, Steve McLachlan, Carl Judd, Vincent Haveaux, Tina Stenos, Chris Fenech, David Spence, Nigel Pearson, Jessica Douglas, David Newett, Corinne Rice, Tim Bennett, Steven O’Neill, Daniel Stojanovski (sick, hopefully he will be ready tomorrow), Jesse Cropley, Trent Clifford & Ash Leone.
We had some super results:
Brian Long 3rd 85-89
Tina Stenos 1st 55-59
Jessica Douglas 1st 45-49 with a champion effort as she lapped the field
David Newett 1st 45-49
Corinne Rice 3rd 40-44
Tim Bennett 1st 40-44
Trent Clifford 2nd 30-35
Ash Leone 1st 30-35

For all results follow this link

Thursday, January 23

Racing cancelled due to weather

Wednesday, January 22

Racing cancelled due to weather

Thursday, January 16