Course Description                                                             Circuit Reference Paraparap 4 laps                                                                                               1C Note: this course can vary in number of laps from 3, 4 or 5 4 Laps, out and back Nobles Rd finish, Larcombes                                   2B  Forest, Grays, Hendy Main, Larcombes + 3,2 or 1 Lap                            3B Forrest Rd, Nobles, Lap to finish in Larcomes                                             4C Blackgate, Forrest, Lap to finish in Larcombes                                            5B Arisun Ascent                                                                                                       7 Vickerys, Hendy Main, Larcombes, then 3 laps                                            8A  3 Laps out and back Forest, over Forest Rd, Finish Larcombes (B)       10B   Note: Many GSCC races finish in Larcomes Rd. There are 2 finish lines that riders need to be aware of and are not always differentiated on the above links to courses. Finish A is just after the “chicane” exiting Hendy Main road Finish B is (the traditional finish) toward Nobles road Exact course details will be communicated with safety instructions at the start line briefing before each race.